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Peter Wrobel testimonial

I did not have any doubts before joining. I had been talking to you before, you explained me everything in detail so I trusted you and there was absolutely no barrier for me.

I do not know any other platform like this, the only thing I know is LinkedIn for example, but they are not so specialised, so I think this is something very unique and very different. What I did before was I had some handbooks, like Greenbook or BVM for example. 

What I did not like was that I can only select four or five services / specialties  in my profile. But I can do more. I have experience in nearly every industry or every market. And I always try to avoid to limit myself to a specific two or three specialties because I think it is more important to be an expert in a specific methodology like moderating and then you can move into any market. So in my profile description I wrote down more relevant background. You also allow me to respond to all projects so when I feel I can add value I can still respond. And I understand that when everybody can check all the boxes there’s no differentiation. 

My last project through the platform was a Qual full service project, that is what I expected as a moderator. I selected finance expertise as one of my specialties so this was absolutely a project that I was looking for.

I received some very good feedback and I hope that they are very happy with my services so hopefully this will just be the start of a relationship between me and the client. 

Joining Research Heroes brought me good profit so far. That’s important and new client contacts; these are always the two most important things.

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