Marcel Paquay: buyer and expert

Marcel Paquay testimonial

Actually we are mainly a buyer on Research Heroes. I was a bit afraid that the platform would not offer enough experts in all relevant countries we are looking for. Especially because the range of countries and expertise our clients ask for is enormous. 

After using the platform for several projects we experience that the RH network is much bigger than just the agencies/experts on the platform. They really do a lot of effort to find the people we are looking for, on the platform or outside.

Last month one of our major clients asked us for local support (facilities and recruitment). Us is CG, a company with a very entrepreneurial spirit. We make things happen. Clients trust us for that. We are by far the largest qual respondent recruiter in the Netherlands and have direct relations with many Dutch multinationals.

When they told us they wanted to do the same in Germany and France and needed moderation as well, we offered to coordinate that for them in all three countries. Knowing that the RH platform would help us find the right partner.
We offered a great service to our client. We saved them a lot of money compared to hiring a global network agency. We saved them a lot of time by coordinating the project for them in all countries. We scored points! Last but not least, we made an interesting profit ourselves as well!

I would say this kind of international service for local clients is great. We create more bonding with them. We have the advantage of being in their procurement systems already (procurement is sometimes a barrier for companies to work directly with new agencies/ independents!). The Research Heroes platform  enables us to find the local experts everywhere. We use Research Heroes as our main channel to buy international research and are able to save ourselves and clients a great deal of money. By establishing international relations we also build trust with the foreign partners for incoming work.  

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