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I have left the bigger databases such as Esomar, more often behind because everyone there says that they can do everything. You’re going to approach them and ultimately it ends up being nothing. It costs a lot of unnecessary time. It would be great if you could create a great portal with reviews, that is the value. How the platform will help is that there are good and reliable reviews. Thus, you get the feeling that those who are there are serious parties.

My doubts beforehand? What the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat. It looks nice, but nowadays anyone can create a beautiful website. Firstly, it must prove itself. You did with this first project. That is, of course, always the first test for this type of platform.

For this project, I first approached my standard partners. They said no because it was too short notice for them. Research Heroes then popped into my mind as a solid option. I didn’t have any time for approaching just anyone hoping that it goes well. You said you can do this. Well then I'm curious what the result is. The result was exactly what I needed.

Research Heroes can broaden its scope. It works for agencies like us, when we need to engage local experts. It can also be good for final clients if they have something small. You don’t always need to engage a large agency. What I now have in mind, what I also intend to post on the platform, are just in-depth interviews. This isn't incredibly groundbreaking, however it needs to be done right. Good interviews and good recruitment. We will do the extra ourselves, the reporting and communication with customers.

So, a good freelancer or a small size qual agency with good people that can start straight away. That’s what people like me are looking for. 

There are many independent qual researchers, at least that’s what they call themselves. The fact that Research Heroes helps you select the right one for your project, that is a great added value.  

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