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Diana Coulson profile Research HeroesSince I have been independent it feels  there are very few sources where you can easily find new business, generally it’s just by word of mouth. And as far as I know, in France there is nothing like an association or organisation which groups together independent research people.

 There are many groups in the States, but I’m not really involved with them as they don't seem to present opportunities for new business. There are many LinkedIn groups, but again I am not sure that those work as new business tools. As far as I can tell, all of those are really kind of forums for researchers to talk to each other for advice, they’re not designed to getting business. For me it feels that a platform for independents and small agencies is what some buyers want. Compared to the large,  global network agencies we as independent researchers are more senior and always available, we are focued on delivering to our clients and not in internal corporate meetings half of the day and without massive overhead, we can also be more cost efficient.  

When I first saw Research Heroes, I felt I could give it a try. It was without cost and if it did not offer me anything I could stop after a certain amount of time.
I always work in summertime, it is often very busy for me because many others are on holidays for 3 to 4 weeks.. This summer, there was a very interesting project posted on Research Heroes. The buyer on Research Heroes coordinated the project for three countries for the final client and the buyer’s role in preparing the project was really helpful. Just before the start I had a phone briefing with the final client and they even sent me all finished materials on time and completely prepared, how uncommon is that!

The subsequent  partnership with the client was great, someone from the head office and some local people attended the fieldwork and I  have just sent them the report. They might return to France for a follow-up and I would be very happy to work with them again.

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