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For Buyers

Need for expertise

You are looking for a research expert or facilitator in a specific country or you would like to find a partner who can coordinate an international project for you.

Search Research Heroes

Start browsing the experts and select people that you find interesting. You can easily find out more about them by watching a video pitch, visiting their website and LinkedIn profile, checking reviews and tariff indications. You add the most interesting experts to your favourites.

Publish your project

Create your project and interested experts will respond. You can also invite the experts you like with a request for proposal. 

Select your expert

The experts will check your project on RH. The more interesting your buyer profile / project is, the more responsive experts will be. You and the expert(s) can start interacting the way you feel most comfortable. You select the expert of your choice for the project.

Improve your buyer profile

After finishing the project, you can review the selected expert. By showing you are an active buyer (an interesting profile with projects and reviews) experts will be more interested in working with you the next time you invite them for a project.

For Experts

Be on RH for new and current clients

You need to be visible on RH for your current clients, and even more so to attract new ones.

Show why you’re a hero, create an outstanding expert profile

The RH platform offers you the possibility to stand out in the crowd. You create your expert profile and choose your research services, expertise, industry and also add a video, collect reviews (also for projects from the past) and create links to your website, blog and/or LinkedIn profile.
You can also request a review from some of your current clients, (also for projects that were not facilitated through RH). 

Engage with clients

On the 'Find your project' section you can find potential projects. Registered experts receive new project notifications. Potential buyers who are attracted to your profile can also contact you. Further business will be conducted ‘off’ platform. RH is there to initiate long lasting relationships and has no financial interest in transactions.

Become a buyer and extend your services

You can become a buyer yourself as well. How about helping your local clients with their international projects? The platform enables you to find the most interesting local experts all around the world.

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