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When was the last time you were able to mentally step out of the operational side of your business and focus on exciting strategic opportunities?

We often get so caught up in the smaller details that the bigger picture is often formed in response to our short term needs.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have always tried to reduce the amount of time working in my company and instead, invested more time working on my company. This is not only important for entrepreneurs. Adopting new ways of working can also facilitate and motivate employees to work on their job and not only in their job. 

Even now, while running Research Heroes, a start up without employees, I am finding effective ways to do this. As I write this blog, I am also visiting 800 people on LinkedIn! Just by using a special tool, I am increasing my network enormously with relevant people within our industry.

I have been able to effectively standardise the connection with my new contacts with the help of a personal assistant from the Ukraine that I found through a platform for ‘small jobs’. Delegating a small, but time consuming task has allowed me more time to develop targeted communication to promote our services and develop interesting partnerships.  

Can you think of ways how you can do your work more efficiently? Spend your time on the things you like and which are worth spending your time on? 

Research Heroes was developed to do a lot of the ground work for you. 

A good example of this is allowing our sophisticated filters find the right research partners for you while you develop strategies to broaden your scope in terms of creating business in new markets.

By starting to coordinate international projects through Research Heroes more frequently, you have the opportunity to do more great research for the same budget. For agencies / independents this can be a profitable new line of business that makes your work more interesting and creates a stronger bond with your local client.  

When you keep on doing what you did, you keep on getting what you got!    

Don’t sweat the small stuff - think big and let Research Heroes help point you in the right direction.



  • Itala Teresa Lise

    09-01-2017 13:48:27

    Dear Research Heroes,
    Your post is very interesting. A bit still misterious, however interesting.
    I would like to know you more in details, if you want.

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